Hello & Welcome to TerraSenza.London.  So, we had what we thought was a great introduction to our site but we were worried we might bore you. Anyway, we shall simply say this... we try to offer interesting, innovative and ethically sourced products with a slight lilt toward the esoteric. Some items are made by us or solely for us which makes us feel a bit special too. So, sit back and enjoy our own version of the kitsch, the quirky & the unique. We welcome your comments, suggestions and thoughts, especially If you know any Artisans who create their own products. Use the menu on the left to navigate to particular sections of the shop, or use the search box at the top of the each page to find specific items of interest... and always remember, if you don't see something you would like, drop us an email and we may be able to help.  Thank you & enjoy xox Ohhhhh P.S: Do you have a 10% OFF voucher? If so, enter your code at the checkout. If you don't have a 10% OFF voucher, request one by entering your email address below.