More than any other image, the Dragon is associated with the mysterious Orient. A symbol of the emperor himself, a master of all of the elements of nature. Dragons can take on many forms and can be victorious in any circumstance, making a powerful and great ally to have. The dragon is often used in corporate logos promoting trust and recognition and can be either male or female. Often associated with wisdom and longevity. They usually possess some form of magic or supernatural power. Chinese dragons tend to be benevolent. European dragons are often malevolent. Asian dragons are usually associated with water in some way. Japanese dragons, in particular, are often depicted as huge water serpents. In early Jewish religious texts, dragons are seen as sea-monsters. In contrast with this, the early Vedic dragons were representations of lack of water or drought. Whichever myth, representation or fable is your favourite, everyone has to agree that this mythical creature remains legendary.