Gemstone Facial Rollers

Beautiful Gemstone face rollers for the ultimate pamper session. Made from Gemstones with amazing properties, these facial rollers are also presented in a 100% cotton pouch to protect these very special items and keep them in a tip-top condition, so you can stay in tip top condition.  These are the perfect additions to your own skincare and most definitely a superb gift. Gemstone facial rollers can be amazing tools to alleviate tension, increase circulation, and minimise puffiness. The double ended roller can be used to increase micro-circulation whilst also help to improve skin elasticity.

How to use: Roll up and out towards the cheeks from your chin, or from the middle outwards on the forehead, you can use the small roller for your eyes. If you want to look at our Gift Suggestions, you will find these can be bought with some excellent sides and accompaniments such as Clay Face Masks or Konjac Sponges. Each Gemstone Face Roller is crafted from Jade, Quartz, Sodalite or Amethyst for positive energy.  Each Gemstone Face Roller comes with a 100% cotton pouch. Think of the fun you can have gifting these babies! Oooohhhhh, forgot to say, you can buy the whole range for a reduced price!

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