Hati Hati Angels

Hati-Hati means 'take care' and these these lovely wooden angels are certainly something special. Hand carved in Indonesian mountain villages from Suar-wood which is a sustainable hardwood which often used to create beautiful religious and sacred images. All Hati-Hati Angels are presented in hand-made cotton bags with a batik design and an information header card, making a beautiful , cultural and caring gift.

Every angel has been carefully carved by hand, sun dried, finished, polished and painted by artisans and each is designed to bring love and caring to all who hold them. Obviously, as these are hand carved, the shape & colours may be repeated but each piece will be unique from any other.

Haiti-Haiti angels come in two sizes. The smaller size is 15 cm tall and includes angels representing Love, Joy, Health and Wealth. The larger size are 25 cm tall and includes angels of Peace, Caring, Guardian and Friendship.

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