Jewellery Boxes

By definition, the jewellery box is the symbol for a treasure trove of jewels or financial stability and power. In ancient times, monarchies would purchase many pieces of jewellery as a financial safeguard. In times of need, they would essentially pawn the jewellery to rich lenders in order to finance large projects, such as building a new estate. Jewellery was a popular bargaining tool as it was in general, much more portable and more easily hidden than coinage. Nowadays, jewellery is mostly personal and given as a sign of deep affection. Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but there is no point in having great jewellery if you have no where to keep it. 

The designs of Jewellery Boxes we choose to stock here at are not chosen easily. No indeedy, you need to be a box of a certain pedigree to get into our shop, and we make sure that we only stock the boxes that offer high quality & good value.