Organic Aromatherapy Essentials

Organic Essentials, or Essential Organics if you prefer, are derived from plants that are not grown using pesticides, fertilisers or other chemicals. Non-organic Essentials, such as Aromatherapy Oils, come from products that can use those types of chemicals. If you are worried about these types of chemicals in your essential oils, or any other then you will want to look at this marvellous range of Organic Essential Oils. As with all products, these Essential Organic Oils are studiously selected by our suppliers. More often than not, they are purchased directly from the primary sources, regardless of where in the world they may be, and they are always tested for purity, and subjected to rigorous quality control standards. 

They have been sourcing and bottling Essential Oils for over 20 years, gradually weeding out unreliable supply lines and always striving to improve quality and value. We believe their Essential Oils offer the best quality and value on the market. Don't forget Organic 100ml Base Oils 

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