Tea Caddies & Jars

A tea caddy is a container used to store tea. When first introduced to Europe, tea was extremely expensive, and was often kept under lock and key. The containers used were therefore often expensive and decorative, to fit in with the rest of a drawing-room or other reception room. The word 'caddy' is believed to be derived from "catty", the Chinese weight used for tea. or "kati", the Malay weight used to sell tea. The earliest examples that came to Europe were of Chinese porcelain, and resembled the jars used for pickling or crystallising ginger. They had lids or stoppers also made of porcelain, and were most frequently blue and white. Until about 1800 they were called tea canisters rather than caddies. Our Chinese porcelain tea caddies are the real thing featuring patterns evoking those used in the 17th & 18th century as well as air tight lids making them the perfect place to keep your tea or anything else you want to hide from the kids!

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