Wooden Wick Long Burning Candles

These Wooden Wick Concrete Candles are really lovely.  They have a natural and raw appearance but are light weight and pleasantly tactile.  Wooden Wick Concrete Candles will fit any style of home and will be sure to create a unique focal point. Felt pads have been added to the bottom to prevent the scratching of surfaces. The natural wooden wick creates the soothing sound of a crackling fire! The design of the concrete pot is such that when the candle is finished, it can be reused and integrated into any decor as a small pant pot for instance.  The good thing about using a material such as concrete means that every item made is unique with its own anomalies and quirkiness. They make a perfect gift, wedding favour and table decoration.

As with all candles and naked flames, please do not leave them unattended when lit and keep out of the range of children.